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The dangers of “reverse search warrants”

Perhaps you are not a jealous partner, a rouge teenager or a cheating spouse, but how would you feel if your information was posted connected to a crime you had nothing to do with?

How Homeland Security et. al., Targets BitCoin Transactions

Around October 27th 2017 agents with Homeland Security arrested Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, a 52-year-old Michigan man. No, Stetkiew was not part of a sleeper cell. Actually by all accounts Stetkiew was not suspected of any terrorist related activity. Stetkiew was… Continue Reading →

FISA Court Open Source Documents

Verizon ordered to turn over domestic records On 4-25-2013 The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) ordered Verizon to turn over on a daily basis: “… all call detail records or “telephony metadata” created by Verizon for communications (i) between the… Continue Reading →

Francis Rawls: Jailed since 2015 for refusing to give up password.

Typically when a court finds someone to be in contempt, that person is remanded to jail. It is unusual for such detention to last for long periods of time. However, the case of Francis Rawls is drawing attention for two reasons:… Continue Reading →

Can Apple Access iOS Devices? A case study.

Over the last few years information privacy in the context of public safety has been the subject of much debate. From the Snowden revelations about wide spread data mining in the name of national security to the debate over what… Continue Reading →

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