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How Government Uses Malware and Honeypots to Find You

What is a Honey Pot? In computing a “honey pot” is simply a security mechanism used to detect and/or monitor users. According to Wikipedia: “Generally, a honeypot consists of data (for example, in a network site) that appears to be… Continue Reading →

The password is “mongolia”: A dive into North Korea’s OSINT.

On October 20th 2017 I came across a news story posted on the website for The Sydney Morning Herald.  The story was about an open letter which was sent from the North Korean Embassy in Jakarta Indonesia to the members of… Continue Reading →

How Homeland Security et. al., Targets BitCoin Transactions

Around October 27th 2017 agents with Homeland Security arrested Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, a 52-year-old Michigan man. No, Stetkiew was not part of a sleeper cell. Actually by all accounts Stetkiew was not suspected of any terrorist related activity. Stetkiew was… Continue Reading →

GIT REPO: BadRabbit Ransomware

Here is my growing collection of intel collected on the BadRabbit Ransonware currently spreading.   GIT Repo: includes source code for onion site (with plain text js payload) BadRabbit .onion payment site: caforssztxqzf2nm.onion In-depth Analysis: Windows “Vaccine”: Public Key: MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA5clDuVFr5sQxZ… Continue Reading →

How to build NetCat on Windows 10

These steps will compile an executable (default: nc.exe) on a Windows 10 machine. This build will enable the “-e” command line option (also known as “GAPING_SECURITY_HOLE”). The “-e” option allows you to pass a command into NetCat; example: To create… Continue Reading →

Listen: Full 911 call of Matthew Phelps (Cold Med Killer)

Listen to the full 911 call of Matthew Phelps aka “The Cold Medicine Killer”

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