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Common Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia / GDM3 / LVM / Disk Encryption Problems and Fixes

So you just installed Ubuntu 18.04 with full disk encryption on your laptop which has a Nvidia graphics card. You install the graphics driver reboot and wham… your boot process gets stuck!

[HOWTO] Create an “Auto-Encrypting” Linux Folder: A custom improvised approach

The Problem I love shell scripts. Anything that can be automated by scripts I am all for it. Whenever I find myself having to do some task a few times I realize it is time for a script. I also… Continue Reading →

Francis Rawls: Jailed since 2015 for refusing to give up password.

Typically when a court finds someone to be in contempt, that person is remanded to jail. It is unusual for such detention to last for long periods of time. However, the case of Francis Rawls is drawing attention for two reasons:… Continue Reading →

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