Look up voter registration information, driver license information, DMV (license plate information), criminal information and much more. The site is not free and requires a nominal payment. Payment is for a number of searches. If you sign up from this link you will get a bonus 100 searches.

Facebook and Twitter Search

Enter a Facebook / Twitter username and use the user account number to locate a trove of data that is shared with the public.

Have I Been Pwned

Allows you to input an email address or account name and it will check if that account is listed in any database dumps which were the subject of a data breach. From this data it may be possible, depending on data that was breached, to then find that the data dump and potentially find names and other personal information.

Nonprofit 990 Search

Here you can search for nonprofit IRS forms 990. These public forms often contain a lot of information not only on the organization but the individuals themselves. is the Google for the internet of things (IoT). Using this service you can find potentially public accessible internet-connected devices such as cameras.

Example search result:

Leads me to (public live camera of public square in Tver City).

Example accessed 11/12/2017.

Get Exif Data from images

If not removed, at it is easy to overlook, images can store a ton of data on where the image was taken, what device, etc.

Domain Tools

provides comprehensive information on a specific domain name.

Paste Bin Alerts

Get alerts when certain data is added to Paste Bin.

CIA World Fact Book

Get broad general overview about specific countries.


Famous people, major events, places, how things work, are all likely described as well as links to other relevant topics. Useful in getting overview macro level information.

National Archives

Find the latest documents that have been released to the public.


Controversial but sometimes they are the first to break major news and release of information.

PACER Search

Find court documents.


A document sharing service. Find court papers, notes, sales report, filing, and virtually anything in pdf format.

Collection of Search Tools


Google is like a black hole in that it scoops up virtually all data that transverses the internet. As such knowing how to ask Google for the information you want can result in some very detailed and useful information.

filetype:<type> example: filetype:pdf “secret stuff”

This will search and find all pdf files which contain the phrase “secret stuff.”

related:<domain> example:

This will search and find websites that are related to

Much much more:

Google isn’t limited to just their main search page. Here are some other good Google resources. (allows for a reverse image search). (some people don’t make their calendar’s private)