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A Simple “Stealthy” Windows Reverse Shell

Full disclosure: This builds upon the work started by¬† Ma~Far$ (a.k.a. Yahav N. Hoffmann)   Simple (Windows) Reverse Shell (SRS) is a small (12.8 kB) Windows executable program that when compiled and executed sends back a CMD.exe shell to a… Continue Reading →

HowTo: Compile NetCat on Linux to run on Windows

It has been a crazy few weeks. Thus this post is going to be brief. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter. Also you may find this post detailing how to compile Net Cat… Continue Reading →

How to build NetCat on Windows 10

These steps will compile an executable (default: nc.exe) on a Windows 10 machine. This build will enable the “-e” command line option (also known as “GAPING_SECURITY_HOLE”). The “-e” option allows you to pass a command into NetCat; example: To create… Continue Reading →

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