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Common Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia / GDM3 / LVM / Disk Encryption Problems and Fixes

So you just installed Ubuntu 18.04 with full disk encryption on your laptop which has a Nvidia graphics card. You install the graphics driver reboot and wham… your boot process gets stuck!

[Attack Vector] Shred Bins Reimagined

Many offices have shred bins. Those garbage bin looking things with a locking lid and a slit cut on top for sliding in “raw” paper. They are low tech, usually secured with some “beefy” looking lock, with two roller wheels… Continue Reading →

How much does Signal Messenger know about me?

Signal Messenger (Signal) which is developed by the Open Whisper System markets itself as an “end to end”, “secure” communications platform that is open source.

The dangers of “reverse search warrants”

Perhaps you are not a jealous partner, a rouge teenager or a cheating spouse, but how would you feel if your information was posted connected to a crime you had nothing to do with?

[HowTo] Stop Google from tracking you*

If you have a Google Account it may be worth your while to check out the kind of details Google is storing about your daily activities. Do you know remember what you searched for exactly one year ago? Google does.

[HowTo] Parse PCAP Files With Java

Wireshark is great.  However, I recently found myself in need of a library to manipulate tcpdump pcap files. There are a couple of libraries such as jNetPcap (which appears abandoned) that merely wraps the native libpcap.  While researching I came across PKTS… Continue Reading →

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